About Us

Logiware uses expertise, software and methodology to drive profitability through improved supply chain performance. Whether through modelling global supply chains, optimising inventory and network strategy or sustaining inventory and demand management processes, Logiware helps clients gain competitive advantage.

Offering a range of complementary
services, Logiware uses industry knowledge, specialist professionals and sophisticated technology to construct robust models and interpret their results. 

Select the appropriate tab above and see what Logiware can do for your business.

Our Mission

To dramatically improve our clients’ supply chain performance while significantly reducing their supply chain costs.

Our Business Model
 - Buy or Rent, Host or Cloud

Cloud_4753902In response to today's challenging business environment, the Logiware business model is highly flexible. For organisations who do not want to tie up cash in capital costs, we can provide a rent-based solution. In addition, clients can host the software on their own systems or opt for a solution hosted in a private or public Cloud.  

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