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CAST for Global Supply Chain Modelling

CAST4CAST is a powerful, PC-based application used for global supply chain modelling, network design and optimisation. With over 350 licences and 1,200 trained users, our clients typically achieve a 10-15% saving on their supply chain costs through the application of network optimisation. 

CAST is used worldwide by third party logistics, manufacturing, consulting and retail companies to evaluate and identify different supply chain strategies, leading to cost savings and service improvemets.

CAST users are supported by experienced, local supply chain professionals based in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
To read more about CAST, click on this link:
CAST - Global Supply Chain Modelling

CINO for Combined Inventory and Network Optimisation

CINO has been designed as a holistic supply chain optimisation tool aimed at unlocking cost savings and improving efficiencies that arise from optimising inventory movement across the entire supply chain. In addition to understanding transportation costs, procurement costs and storage costs, CINO allows for the correct levels of inventory to be layered on top of the network to cover the risk in the supply chain.

CINO allows for inventory strategy optimisation by:

Optimising on total supply chain costs, including procurement, transportation, warehousing and inventory.

ptimising replenishment policies and safety stock levels.

Quantifying the impacts on service and inventory levels of new network designs or supply chain initiatives. 

To read more about CINO, click on this link:
CINO - Combined Inventory/Network Optimisation

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